Gomis Pont, Sandra. Graduate student.

My work is exploring for fundamental principles of neocortical development and function by comparing the visual system processing with higher-order cognitive processing, such as the resolution of moral dilemmas during social interactions. 


 Martinez Otero, Luis M. 

I want to understand how brains (any brain) construct the visual perception of the world. When thinking about this, I always find myself wondering if there are different strategies to build different brains or just a small set of fundamental principles governing the development of any nervous system.
Otherwise, I like handball and beer (although not always in that order).



Mirete Fructuoso, MarcosGraduate student.

Behavioral psychology’s study woke up my interest for finding out how the behavior principles worked in the brain. For this reason, I have actually decided to engage myself in the passionate, but not simple at all, adventure of studying the neuronal mechanisms that allow us to perceive, think, feel and behave the way we do.




Molina Rodriguez, Sergio. Graduate Student.

I started my career as a nurse, studying how the human’s organism works. This is where my interest for the influence that the mind inflects on the body started. For this reason, I decided to also study psychology. It was during this last period that I find out a perfect balance between the body and the mind. No, I am not saying I started meditating, but that I did discover my true passion: neuroscience, the one that combines the two knowledge areas I had acquired.



Navarro Plaza, Mari Carmen. Software developer. 

My background is Biomedical Engineer and I'm moving into the exciting world of Neuroscience. Right now, your computer is consuming around 50 watts just showing you this text. Well, your brain, this viscous mass of protein, salt and water, consume a tiny fraction of that power to read these lines; even is able to look at the pictures on the left and see what appears in the picture is a multicolor brain. For this reason I want to know how  this amazing machine works.



Sala Pla, Salvador

I am interested in the applications of physics and mathematics to biology. The visual system provides an excellent example of the relationship between these disciplines. The first volume of the famous book "The Feynman Lectures on Physics" contains two chapters on vision: Ch. 35: "Color Vision" and Ch. 36 "The mechanism of seeing". 

Thus, the study of the processing of visual information from the retina to the cortex gives the opportunity to appreciate the application of basic principles of physics to biology.



 Valiño Perez, ArturoGraduate Student.

Sight is our most impressive sense. It gives us, without conscious effort, detailed information about the world around us. As a biologist, I want to understand this amazing feat that our brain is able to achieve. In addition, if we think that what the brain does is some kind of computation, we might as well benefit creating useful tools in the future based on the comprehension of this complex computation mechanism. 


Lab Alumni


Graciela Navarro Mora. Postdoc (2013-2015).


Isabel Benjumeda. Graduate student (2009-2013).  clip_adjuntar.png


Manuel Molano-Mazón. Graduate student (2007-2013). clip_adjuntar.png


Diego Alonso-Pablos. Graduate student (2007-2014).


Joaquín Marquez Bugella. Software developer. Programmer (2008-2012).


Carmen Pons. Undergraduate (2009-2010).


Alberto Perez Castellanos. Undergraduate (2007-2008).

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